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Well, There has been a change to my work schedule and..  Lets just say i have more time for art, So expect more streams/art posts for awhile.

( I swear i will start posting them outside fo steam/skype/mumble from now on.  I kind of kept forgetting to post here. )

To any one i recently unfollowed; I apologize, but please, it can get very annoying when people choose to reply to every single ‘Happy birthday’ message one by one instead of a lump post. While i am happy to see some one get so many birthday wishes it is very annoying to have 4+ pages of spam. ( I will refollow you guys when your day is over, i say this because it was a few of you. )

Anway  Art stream later today/tonight, Unsure as of what time yet.

I just want to apologize for the lack of art over the past month or two and want to make it clear i still plan to do art when i can. I have just been under a lot of stress the past few months and have not had much time to clear my head and simply be creative.

I still plan to finish past projects which i had previously agreed would do, but as of yet am not yet certain when i will have the time. For now i am still accepting simple requests ( Such as building models ) as warmups/partice, But i do not have to time or focus lately for larger more detailed projects. ( Such as character models, or large scenes. )

Dear LG; When selling an AC unit..  Please freaking put a notice some where that you stuff the exhaust vents with packing foam. Running this thing for three hours and wondering why its not feeling cold. Just noticed the stuff in the exhaust on accident.

Anyway, should my power stay on and my new air conditioner keep my room cool i may do an art stream tomorrow night after work.

Ugh my room is 110f and my ac is broken. I swear this week is full of suck. Ca not think and my tolorance for bs is 1% of my norm. Fans are not helping in these heat. ( living on an upper floor withou proper ventilation sucks. )

Sigh this is 5 times this month now i have had piwer outages after i get home from work, each usually ladting until i need to head to sleep.

Some one remind me why i pay taxes and electric bills…

Urgh.. so i ordered and recived my lunch at work.. go to eat the fries ( which one with pretty much everything) about the take a bite.. and notice the plate has several deep fried various bugs on it. Really tried hard not to gag with customers around.

Needless today i think i will not be eatting fries for awhile.. and will start examining all my fod at work more

Spend eight hours at work with no ac, return home que power outage and backup generator failure with my place being 110. I swear if i can not find a way to cool off soon some one may recive bodily harm.

Just wanted to apologize about the lack of art ( yet again. ) and would like to assure you that i am still tinkering with art, but just have nothing refined to show off lately. I blame that on the steam summer sale more then any thing else. ( That and working full time instead of part time like i used to. )

Luckily the steam summer sale is over and I have grow pretty bored of games ( apart from co-op ones with some other tumblrpon folks ) so i should be focusing on my art again a bit more. 

Ugh powers been out for hours and the power companies eta is another 8 to fix their broken equipment. This blows i just bough two weeks of frozen and refrigerated goods too. Not to mention summer heat with no ac, fans or pc.

Oh i love co-op partners who don’t know any thing about zerg. I just had a game against double very hard protoss ai, my partner was toss also.

"dude expand you only have 4 bases, you should have a huge army by now noob" 

Glance at my army of 30 swarm hosts which have been destroying all ai pushes against our base and 30 corruptors, and about 5k+ of each resource.

" Screw this im bailing" co-op partner leaves.

Meanwhile i go on to solo two very hard AI with ease, My corruptors and overseers killing all their air and detectors while my swarm host army just melts all their ground units, who, without detectors , can not stop the never ending swarm.

ANYWAY, Art stream in a few hours ( Maybe..  8pm EST? )