type R-908
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Pardon the lack of art updates.

I have not been feeling that creative the past week or so since i have been feeling burned out from work.

Since i have not been feeling too creative i have retreated to messing around in various games, mostly star bound on my mod server lately.

I should probably start doing some art stuff again this weekend, hopefully.

Ugh.. 85 degrees in the front of the restaurant with 90% humidity and some old lady asks if we can turn the heat on.

Lady, if a tropical like environment is too cold for you do not wear a short-sleeve shirt.


1089 AP morgana in U.R.F. Mode..  I feel like the biggest troll i can be. THe entire enemy team just avoids me now because i chain stun two shot most of them.. I love U.R.F. Mode.

( Freefraq, Wake up, We have people to troll ingame. )

…Janna and Nami feel like the ultimate trolls in Ultra rapid fire mode..  Janna: Shield for 800+ every 2 seconds, nock every oen back every few seconds, impossible tro catch
Nami: heal for a crapton every few seconds while also hurting the enemy and stunning every few seconds

( Pardon the LoL spam, Filter out my LoL tags if Lol stuff is bothersome to you. )

Ultra rapid fire mode LoL has to be one of the more amusing and most enjoyable gamemodes i have played. For this of you unaware of what it is for April fools Riot made a game mode that removes all mana, reduces all cooldowns by 80% and a bunch of other goofy buffs.

Sure the entire mode is BS retarded, but in a fun way.

Wake up with ideas for art.
Refine ideas for art while your bored at work for eight hours
Get home from work only to find yourself too exhausted to do any thing but lounge for a few hours.
Finally feel rested and inspired to do art..  Time to go to bed for work.

This cycle…  This cycle i hate so much. 

Anyway.. I have been feeling pretty burned out after work all this week, So pardon the lack of art stuff lately. Streams & art stuff should resume this weekend.